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Illustrative BCT China Projects

Financial Advisor on Greater China to major endowment fund. Responsible for due diligence and preparation of related reports and recommendations. Initial outcome was endowment's first investment directed to the People's Republic of China in the amount of US$10,000,000.

Equity Partner with major manufacturer of printed circuit boards to manufacture multi-layer printed circuit boards in the People's Republic of China. Short-term objective of producing in excess of 100,000 square meters per year for Chinese domestic and international distribution.

Financial Advisor to one of the ten largest electronics companies in the People's Republic of China. Responsible for recommendations and implementation of private/public financings and technology partnerships for several international projects including: Sub-Micron Chip Fab, Cellular Handset Mfg., and line extensions for certain existing product lines.

Equity Partner of US snack food corporation's subsidiary for China manufacturing and distribution operations. Venture has successfully identified raw materials sources and pricing, regulatory restrictions, competitive position, customer preferences, distribution channels, and geographic location of corporation's first PRC manufacturing facility.

China Advisor to premier quality machine tool manufacturer's entry into China market. Engaged in the design and implementation of a strategy to position machine tool company into its target markets in China. Project involved competitor analysis, end-user identification, market analysis, regulatory restrictions, and "what/if" analysis on each viable method of market entry.

China Advisor to major U.S. port authority. Responsible for establishing and executing strategies to facilitate increased airport and seaport volume to and from China and the ports facilities. Responsibilities have included the organization and execution of a national transportation conference in China, the preparation of a feasibility study, and negotiations with some of the most prominent government and corporate officials in the U.S. and China.

China Advisor to US High Technology Corporation's technology transfer efforts in the PRC. Responsible for technology transfer for full-scale manufacturing in China of technologies utilized in telecommunications relays and satellites. Each production package sells for $15-$20 million. The Corporation has successfully transferred these technologies to several Chinese manufacturers now in production.

China Advisor to US Software Corporation in entry into China market. Identified end-users and distribution channels for highly specialized commercial software utilized in computer aided manufacturing. Received letter of intent for first PRC installation within two weeks of inception of project from one of China's largest manufacturing companies.

Equity Partner for Infant Gifts Corporation. As Principal, established alternative China manufacturing. Successfully source all necessary raw materials and established local quality control. Additionally, developed complete business plan and offering document for product line currently selling through 12,000 retail outlets.

China Advisor to export council under the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Responsible for conducting on the ground market research in China on the packaged food industry, distribution channels, wholesale and retail networks, packaging, and food promotion activities.

Contract Manufacturer (in China) of products for US home healthcare market. Responsibilities have included: sourcing of raw materials, establishment of local quality control, and manufacturing business plan.

China Advisor to U.S. Senator's commercial agenda for China. Advised, assisted, and executed Minister level commercial agenda for U.S. Senator. Advanced Senator in China for all Minister level meetings, coordinated and acted as liaison to: The U.S. State Department, The U.S. Embassy in Beijing, The Department of Commerce, and all relevant Chinese authorities. Acted as commercial delegation leaders in China as well as co-sponsoring and co-organizing a US/China Symposium at Tsinghua University (The "M.I.T. of China.")

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