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Vote for Russ, He's for us!    Vote In-Person October 31 to November 3.    For yard signs and car magnets Call (760) 660-7122

Three ways to vote this election
Vote-By-Mail, Drop Off Box
and In-Person Voting

By now you've heard you will get a vote-by-mail ballot. Every registered voter will receive one. That's new for this election. But you can still vote in-person.

Actually, you have three ways to vote: Vote-by-Mail, Ballot Drop Off and Vote In-Person.

If you are like me, you prefer to show up at your polling place and vote on election day. You can still do that except this election you have four days to vote in-person, not just traditional Election Day.

I show the times and locations in the poster at the right.

For Vote-by-Mail, simply drop your ballot in any mail box postmarked by November 3, 2020. Postage is free.

You can also drop your ballot at a ballot drop off location. In Desert Hot Springs, that is our City Hall at 11999 Palm Drive.

If you need more information, visit the Riverside County Registrar of Voters website at

Or feel free to call me at (760) 660-7122. Quite a few of you have called surprised to hear me actually answer the phone. Feel free to call even into the evening up to 11 pm.

Great new options for voting and of course I will appreciate your vote.

Click Here to see if you are registered to vote

Click Here for Riverside County Registrar of Voters website

...If we stay this financial course
During the last term, I set a critical priority to bring our city out of a deep financial crisis and put it on a solid financial footing. It worked. We built reserves. We planned for a rainy day, the rainy day arrived and we were prepared.

It would be foolish to think there is not a challenging economy ahead. Jobs will be critical. New businesses have brought good paying jobs to our city. These jobs must go to our local citizens. I will continue to push my initiatives to support and promote local hire.

For the new companies looking to locate in Desert Hot Springs, it is important now more than ever to streamline cumbersome permit processes that causes those businesses to look elsewhere. We want those jobs here.

We've accomplished much. Our parks are fully renovated with new play equipment and dog areas. Miles of sidewalks have been installed for pedestrian safety. Palm Drive and our main streets are well underway to showcase our city and attract new retail business. We have a new library under construction.

I look forward to hearing from you. You have my pledge to run a campaign that is positive and on issues.

For certain I'm available as always for your questions and any suggestions you have. If there is ever an issue you would like to discuss, please call me at (760) 660-7122 or email to

Best Regards,
Russell Betts




When visitors drive our streets we want them to say that a nice looking city, let’s spend the night. This is a nice place to open a business, to buy a home, raise a family, a place to call home.

That’s my goal. With our city finances fixed and deficits now gone, we can fix our city!

Short term goals

• Implement local hire jobs incentive programs.
• Economic development to preserve and create jobs.

• Expand city beautification to all major boulevards.
• Continue to fix application process to attract new business
• Continued balanced budgeting.
• Step up efforts to attract retail shopping options.
Long term goals.

• Expand city beautification to all major boulevards.

• Keep city in a sound financial position.

• Maintain city rainy day funds, build reserves.

• Raise city median income of residents.

• Partner with job technical training for good paying jobs.

• Create a vibrant and notable art presence in our city.



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