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For Desert Hot Springs

Momentum on Jobs, City Beautification and Finances
Jobs will be critical as we head into the economy ahead. We've made progress bringing many good paying jobs to Desert Hot Springs. We need to make sure those jobs stay here and that they go to our citizens. We have also made significant progress on city beautification, a critical step to attracting investment and new residents to our city. There is more to go of course. Holding it all together is finance and our finances. We planned for an economic rainy day we are in good position, with ample reserves and enjoying an A+ credit rating. I encourage you to explore this page  but most of all to call me with any question. Best Regards, Russ

Jobs will be critical.
Good paying jobs will be critical to our residents. New cannabis businesses have brought those jobs. Those jobs must go to our citizens. I will continue to push for high wage jobs and local hire.

We must also fight to keep those jobs here. It is no secret other cities are vying to attract cannabis businesses. They see jobs and the boost to their troubled city budgets.

Our city must position itself to retain these businesses. We must regulate, not over- regulate. All businesses need to know they can operate efficiently in our city.

It is the same with tax rates. We love the revenue boost the cannabis industry has brought to our city. If our taxes are too high, though, businesses and the jobs they provide will go to other cities.

These jobs increase our standard of living and I will continue to fight for good paying jobs in our city and to bring more.

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Vote in Person Oct 31 to Nov 3

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Prepared for a financial rainy day
A critical priority was to bring our city out of a deep financial crisis and put it on a solid financial footing. It was a necessary first step.

It worked. We built reserves. We planned for a rainy day, the rainy day arrived and we were prepared.

Our city is not facing financial troubles like so many other cities now having to make deep budget cuts.

It would be foolish to think there is not a challenging economy ahead. We must continue to watch finances carefully.

But it is good to know our past financial planning is allowing our city to continue to move forward. Reserves are in place to sustain city services and keep projects moving.

For a look at that financial crisis, click here.

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Short Term Goals

• Economic development program to preserve existing jobs and create new jobs.

• Fix application process to eliminate unnecessary delays for new businesses

• Implement local hire incentive programs to create jobs for our residents.

• Step up efforts to attract retail shopping options in our city.

Long Term Goals

• Keep city in a sound financial position and maintain its A+ credit rating.

• Build reserve rainy day fund as economic conditions will allow.

• Raise the median income of city resident to increase their quality of life.

• Partner with job training technical organizations for higher paying jobs.

• Effectively deal with social issues to improve livability of our city.

• Create a vibrant and notable art presence in our city.





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