Kerry ties to Boston Capital & Technology BCT boasting over 70 outsourcing projects in China. John Kerry Led Outsourcing Mission to Beijing China
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Kerry Led Outsourcing Trade Mission to China. 
Ties to Boston Company Boasting Over 70 Outsourcing Projects
by Russell Betts - (August 15, 2004)
John Kerry, who has made opposition to corporate outsourcing of U.S. jobs to places like China a major part of his presidential campaign, appears to have had major involvement with a Boston, Massachusetts company specializing in outsourcing of U.S. manufacturing and jobs.
During the late 1990's, Kerry led at least one of the company's outsourcing trade missions to China, appearing for photos at a banquet in Beijing with representatives of Boston Capital & Technology and unidentified Chinese trade representatives. The exact date of the trip is not given on the company website but appears to have taken place between 1996 and 1998.

Some of the projects undertaken by Boston Capital & Technology include setting up tool & die manufacturing in China, high technology transfers to Chinese telecommunication companies and transfer of highly specialized commercial software utilized in computer aided manufacturing. The company also set up manufacturing in China for an infant gifts company with 12,000 U.S. retail outlets and manufacturing for a company supplying the US home healthcare market.

John Kerry attending BCT banquet in Beijing, China. 
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It is not clear how many jobs previously held by U.S. citizens have been transferred to China through Boston Capital & Technology outsourcing projects or how many, if any Kerry's lead involvement at the Beijing meeting has had. In one event that could have long ranging effects in the battle with China over U.S. jobs, Boston Capital & Technology did hold a US/China Symposium at Tsinghua University, a university referred to as "The "M.I.T. of China".

President of Boston Capital & Technologies, Paul Marcus, declined to be interviewed. Marcus said "I am not doing an interview with you, and please don't call me again," when contacted by Insight On The News, an on line news source that first broke the the Kerry Outsourcing story.

Information obtained from the Boston Capital & Technology website, however, indicates that the company provides investment and advisory services to US companies wishing to establish or expand manufacturing operations in Mainland China. 

The company has participated in what it calls significant U.S.-China investment, partnership, and technology transfer opportunities using both American and Chinese staff. The company has offices in Beijing and Shenzhen, China, in addition to its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. It provides local access in China and teaches Chinese companies in Western business practices. The company claims to have completed over 70 projects in China involving investment, manufacturing, set up of U.S. wholly owned enterprises in China, set up of U.S. and Chinese joint ventures and technology transfers to China.

Boston Capital & Technology President Paul Marcus lives with his Chinese-born wife in the Beacon Hill district of Boston, the same district where one of Kerry's mansions is located. The Kerry campaign refused to answer questions about Kerry's relationship to Marcus or the details on Kerry's trade mission to Beijing, China.

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Editors Note: We are receiving a high number of emails asking why the Boston Capital & Technology site is not available for viewing on the internet. The site was taken down shortly after attention was called to this story by and other websites.

We captured as much of the original html from the BC&T site as we could before the site was taken down, portions of which can be viewed at the following links:

Boston Capital & Technology
Outsourcing Projects to China

  • Financial Advisor to major Chinese endowment fund resulting in investment to  China in the amount of US$10,000,000.

  • Equity Partner with major manufacturer of printed circuit boards for Chinese domestic and international distribution.

  • Financial Advisor to one of the ten largest electronics companies in China making Sub-Micron Chip Fabrication, Cellular Handset Manufacturing.

  • Advised major U.S. quality machine tool manufacturer on entry into China market.

  • Advised US high technology corporation on multi-million dollar technology transfer for telecommunications relays and satellites to several Chinese manufacturers now in production.

  • Advised US Software Corporation in entry into China market for computer aided manufacturing.

  • Established manufacturing in China for Infant Gifts Corporation selling through 12,000 U.S. retail outlets.

  • Contract Manufacturer (in China) of products for US home healthcare market.

  • China Advisor to U.S. Senator's commercial agenda for China.


More Projects
Listed On BCT Website


PA Poll Shows Voters Trust Kerry
To End Outsourcing

Commenting on the poll results, Kerry campaign spokesman Mark Nevins said, "I think that this is a validation of the positive approach we've taken on the issues, about creating jobs, about the economy and about ending outsourcing.

Anti-outsourcing protest in Xenia Ohio
Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry, who recently softened his tough anti-outsourcing stance by saying the "practice is here to stay" found the issue too hot at a campaign meeting in Ohio. 

Editors Note: We have tried repeatedly to get a reply from the Kerry Edwards campaign and they will not comment on Kerry's late 1990's trip to China or his association with Paul Marcus of Boston Capital & Technology. Perhaps one of the mainstream media outlets will have better luck with a reply.

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