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Just some basics...

"If they can bring down Yahoo! and eBay, 
the rest of us don't have a chance" 

Web site owner whose site was attacked days after spending $35,000 on security.
As recent attacks on major websites show, there is no such thing as a secure system. The hackers have won. But you can take steps to protect yourself.  Below are basic security tips and links to websites of people that know a whole lot more about this than we do.

Meet Spam 

The person behind all that Junk Email is Laura Betterly.

You've Got (tons of) Mail...

"It's that simple," she said triumphantly, swiping her palms. She just sent junk e-mail to 500,000 strangers - and you!
Fight Spam

Spammer get 9 years

Here's your fix
So Your Computer is Running Slow
When you first bought your computer, it zinged. It was faster than the computer you replaced. It was "upgraded"! But lately something happened. It slowed to a crawl, taking forever to boot up and net surfing - especially for you dial-up users - became excruciatingly, impossibly slow. It is possible to recapture that lost speed.

What happened? There are a few culprits. We personally hate long winded explanations, so we will keep this short. Or, you can forget the explanations and just skip to the fixes. For those of you still with us, here are the three most common reasons your computer has slowed down. Two deal with slow internet browsing and one is what is causing your computer to take so long to boot up is causing your computer to run slow.

1). You have not cleared out your temporary internet files.
2). You are loaded up with programs in your start menu.
3). You are loaded up with spyware and need to clean it out.

Okay, follow us here and we will take you to the steps and the explanations. Those other guys that jumped ahead are at the same page. But you now know where you are headed.

Run Faster Click Here

Recommended Spyware Removal

Ad-Aware by Lava Soft
Download Click Here 

New Security Updates Issued 
Update Windows and Internet Explorer

Easiest way to get the updates is as follows:

From the menu at the top of Internet Explorer
1. Click on TOOLS

You will be taken to the Microsoft site.

4. Select updates you want, click INSTALL

After installation, your computer will reboot. Say YES. When it comes back on, you are up to date.


Recommended Personal Fire Wall
Download Click Here

IE X Bug & Patch


Is you computer under attack?

Answer: Yes!

In the time it will take to read this page, your computer will have been scanned by someone looking to break in.

Many versions of Windows comes with a program called Front Page Express. If you are not maintaining a web site with your computer, uninstall this program.   

Every computer connected to the internet is constantly being scanned by people looking to break into your system and steal your information. To learn how wide spread the problem is, click here. Or take our word for it, you need to protect your system. 
*Zone Alarm   BlackIce


Recommended Fix
Network Bindings Security Patch

by Steve Gibson

For Window 98 User

Scan your own computer.

Test your computer for open ports intruders use to get into your system. Try these links.

Shields Up!

There are thousands of ports that can be used to access data on your computer. Try this link to test them all. Click here

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Computer

A little break from all this reasons to be careful with it

If you use intrusion detection software like Black Ice Defender
turn off evidence and packet logging.

Protect Your Password

Passwords are a first defense in guarding your information and computer from malicious attack. Use a good password. 

Good Password

Bad Password

It will take only a couple of minutes for a password "cracking" program to obtain the bad password. To crack the good password
 will take days, even months.

  • DON'T use your login name in any form (as-is, reversed, capitalized, doubled, etc.). 

  • DON'T use your first, middle, or last name in any form. DON'T use your spouse's or child's name. 

  • DON'T use other information easily obtained about you. This includes license plate numbers, telephone numbers, social security numbers, the make of your automobile, the name of the street you live on, etc.

  • DON'T use a password with all numbers or using only letters.

  • DON'T use a word contained in English or foreign language dictionaries.

  • DON'T use a password shorter than six characters. These are easy to crack.

  • DO use a password with upper and lower case letters.

Never give out a password or any
sensitive information to an unsolicited telephone call or e-mail.

Other Protection Measures






  • Never email information such as passwords or credit card information unless you encrypt it.

  • Be careful about the web sites you visit. Never submit sensitive information to a web site that does not use a secure connection.

  • Do not reveal your IP address to people or display your IP address on a web site.

  • Be careful of emails sent to you by people you do not know. These can easily contain what is known as Trojan horse (hidden files) that allow remote access to your computer.

  • Change your passwords often and use passwords that are not easy to figure out (see above).

  • Upgrade your software and operating system regularly, especially your web browser.

  • Check software suppliers websites for updates and patches.

  • If you use “chat rooms” be careful with any information you reveal to strangers.

  • Always shred confidential information, particularly about your computer.

  • Install a intrusion detection and blocking software and a personal firewall.

  • Don't browse the internet with the same computer you use to store business records or sensitive information. Buy a second computer to be used for web browsing and email only.


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